Angels Grant RHP Alex Meyer With A Golden Opportunity

Updated: May 4, 2017

The Angels plan to have right-handed pitcher Alex Meyer start in tonight’s series finale at Safeco Field. This will be a good opportunity for Meyer to show what he is made of. It is the perfect time for him to prove any naysayers wrong.

Meyer will fill the vacancy left by southpaw Tyler Skaggs. Skaggs got injured in a start last Friday and is expected to not play until July at the earliest. Given the timetable, Manager Mike Scioscia believes that if Meyer can prove himself, he may stay in the big leagues for a while. writer Maria Guardado recently wrote about the team’s decision to call up Meyer and includes Scioscia’s hopes for the tall hurler.

“‘I don’t think we expect him to be one and done,’” Scioscia said.

Meyer hates the injury bug that has been tormenting the ball club as much as anyone else. Be that as it may, he endeavors to be a kind of guy that can be relied on. Given the circumstances, him doing so would be ideal. He knows that the team needs him to contribute and step up. As a result, tonight’s game is definitely one he looks forward to. Pedro Moura of The Los Angeles Times includes Meyer’s thoughts on everything in a recently published piece.

“‘I’m excited about it,’ Meyer said. ‘It’s extremely unfortunate what’s been going on with the injury bug up here, with Tyler, Garrett [Richards] and the bullpen on top of that. Obviously, they need some help. I want to be the guy to help them with that.’”

The main knock against Meyer has been and continues to be his overall command. He hardly ever seems to put it all together for some odd reason. In the spring this demonstrated itself, yet in the minors so far he remarked that his command has been “fairly good.” In his one start for the Halos this year, though, his command was not too sharp. In that game, he only lasted through 3.2 innings prior to the plug being pulled.

Since that point in time he has only started one other game in the minors. After a not so slightly first inning, he felt that his curveball in particular was effective the rest of the way. It now boils down to him doing that with the big boys. When pressed for more, Meyer said he understands what he needs to do.

“‘Now it’s a matter of doing that through a full outing at this level,’” he said.

Meyer has made a total of four starts in the minors in 2017. In 19 innings of work he has collected a not so robust 6.16 ERA to go along with 24 punch outs. Although these numbers are not the most alluring, Guardado’s article touches on Scioscia’s belief in the 27-year-old. It is precisely why the Angels are giving him a second chance. Even with all the negatives there, the Angels’ manager still sees a glimmer of hope.

“‘I think Alex has been really throwing the ball better than some of his numbers indicate [in the Minors],’ Scioscia said. ‘You definitely can’t go by ERA in the [Pacific Coast League]. But there are some positive things that you want to see if they’re going to carry up to the big leagues. With where his upside is, we definitely think it’s worth giving him an opportunity to see exactly the improvements he’s been working on where they need to be. We had some options, but we feel that Alex is the best way to go right now.’”

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