Angels To Remain Cautious With Mike Trout; DL Unlikely

Updated: May 10, 2017

The Angels are crossing their fingers that their face of the franchise, Mike Trout, will not have to be placed on the DL. Trout’s left hamstring is still not 100 percent.

Baseball’s best player had to do something yesterday that was a first for him in his professional career. While it seems unbelievable, he sat out for a fourth straight game and for the fifth time in the last six. Rumor has it that he will do some running drills today to go along with some outfield work. explains all the latest relative to Trout. Suffice to say, the 25-year-old hates having to play the waiting game. At the same time, he understands the whole cliché of playing it safe.

“‘I want to play, but we’ve got to be smart,’ Trout said Tuesday, before he had spoken to Angels manager Mike Scioscia. ‘They don’t want me to go out there to run 50 percent. It’s smart. It’s definitely better. I’ll take BP today.’”

According to Manager Mike Scioscia, Trout is more mobile than he was a couple days back. That is an extremely encouraging sign to say the least. However, the head honcho also indicated that the team does not want to rush things. Not one bit. Considering the type of ballplayer Trout is, the Halos want the best possible version of Trout on the playing grounds.

On Monday, the two-time AL MVP underwent an MRI. Based on what GM Billy Eppler exhibited, the results of it were deemed “‘normal and clean.’”

Trout said that yesterday’s batting practice session was a crucial step for him. Be that as it may, the time away from the field is something he is not happy about. He would much rather be contributing instead of spectating. But he grasps that he can only do so much right now.

“‘It’s not fun. You can just cheer on your guys. What more can you do?’ he said. ‘I eat seeds, chew some gum and go from there.’”

In a perfect world, the Angels want to keep the five-tool superstar away from the dreaded DL. That is their hope at this point in time. Likewise, it is the hope burning within every single Angels fan.

“‘We sure hope so. We never anticipated this being a DL,’ Scioscia said. ‘… But we’re going to give him all the time he needs, because we just don’t want him healthy, we want him doing what he needs to do to be that special player.’”

In light of Trout’s absence, Cameron Maybin started in center field for the fourth straight contest.

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