Three Reason the Angels Should Win the Series Against the Tigers

Updated: May 11, 2017

The Angels may not be in a tailspin 36 games into the season, but the pilot has definitely put on the fasten seat belt sign.

After starting the season with a promising 6-2 record, the Halos have struggled to stay above .500 and currently find themselves 17-19. Fortunately it’s still fairly early in the season and the Angels are currently only two games out of the second wild card spot.

The reasons for their lackluster record are not a secret: multiple injuries to their starting pitching and bullpen to go along with a lineup that has not hit as well as anticipated. When you combine those two factors together, the Angels are actually lucky to be in the place they are in. A few more unlucky bounces and the Angels could be looking up at the entire American League West.

Tonight the Angels open up a four game home series against the Detroit Tigers. The Angels and Tigers (16-16) are both looking to get over the .500 mark but here are three reasons why I think the Angels could have the upper hand in this series.

1. Detroit has struggled against Western Division teams.

Even though it’s early in the season, the Tigers have had their struggles against teams in the West Divisions, both American and National League. In eight games against Seattle, Oakland, and Arizona, the Tigers have managed only three wins while allowing 6.2 runs a game. The Tigers themselves have been able to score runs in these games but their pitchers have not pitch well enough for their batters to pick them up.

With Mike Trout and Albert Pujols back in the lineup and Yunel Escobar on his recent tear, the Angels have a good chance of putting up some runs and getting a few wins.

2. The Tigers score more runs in games they win versus games they lose.

This statement is as obvious as making the prediction that the team that scores the most runs will win. But the point I’m trying to make it that the Tigers are either really good at scoring runs or really bad. In their past eight wins, Detroit has averaged 8.75 runs a game compared to the 2.75 run average in their past eight losses. The Tigers are also prone to being streaky this season as they have three winning streaks of three games or more to go along with twice losing four games in a row. If able to catch the Tigers on a cold spell, the Angels could not only win the series but get a much needed home sweep

3. The Angels will be facing the Tigers’ top four pitchers.

Wait…what? How is this a good thing? Yes it’s true that this series the Angels will run into Michael Fulmer, Jordan Zimmerman, Daniel Norris, and Jason Verlander who together have an 11-6 record. But these same pitchers have had trouble with their control. Together they have 124 Ks with 58 walks which, including their number five pitcher, gives them the 2.1/1 strikeout to walk ratio. Good enough for 25th in the majors.

The Angels are not the best team at taking walks, in fact they are 11th in the American League. But if they are able to be patient at the plate, they may get a few gift baserunners which they can hopefully turn into runs.

There is a saying that every game counts, even the ones in early May. A series win here for the Angels could potentially put them in a wild card spot and that would be a huge psychological boost going not only into upcoming games and the rest of the season as well.


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